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BRENTWOOD, Mo. ( — A local business said they’re being forced to shut their doors after nearly 40 years, all because the City of Brentwood wants to build a parking lot.

Now they’re taking their fight to social media. “It’s my whole childhood,” said Lauren Muckler.

For Muckler, Brentwood Material Company is much more than just a business. “This family business is obviously everything to us. It’s all I’ve ever known growing up,” she said. “It’s my dad’s legacy, his heart and soul put into this, for 40 years.”

A local business says their being forced to shut their doors at the end of the month – after nearly 40 years – all because the city of Brentwood wants to build a parking lot.

And it had become her brother’s heart and soul, too. “I was going to take over the business but obviously things change and that’s not going to happen anymore,” said Zack O’Brien, Muckler’s brother.

The city of Brentwood is condemning the property and forcing them out by July 31. “It’s just really unfair,” said Muckler.

The reason? Brentwood officials are building a giant greenway. Where this business stands will be the access point, namely, a parking lot.

Officials said while the greenway will connect parks and be an overall asset to the city, it’s also necessary to better control flooding from nearby Deer Creek.

Muckler added they’ve never had an issue with water. “It has never put us out of a day of business, but luckily, it’s never been a problem for us,” she said.

Muckler said the city’s still making them move and they’re refusing to give them a fair price to buy new land and relocate. “It’s a super unfair offer. We have gone back and forth with them,” Muckler said.

Alternative sites aren’t feasible especially given their name. “It’s kind of weird, what are you going to put Brentwood Material out in Eureka?” she said.

To move it all, re-brand, and start over, Muckler believes it will cost them dearly. Facing a total shutdown, she started a petition. There are comments on Brentwood’s Facebook page, supporting them.

“I hope the city sees that and can provide us a more reasonable offer and help us move somewhere we can be proud of,” Muckler said.

If not, they say, customers will pay the price.

“Once you lose this, you’ll have to go to a big box store,” O’Brien said

And most certainly, so will they. “It’s really sad,” Muckler said.

News 4 reached out to the city and their attorney for comment, but we haven’t heard back yet. You can find Brentwood Material’s petition here. Read more about Brentwood Bound, here.

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