Entrepreneur Helping Business Owners Generate Leads For Their Clients Using Artificial Intelligence

As we continue to see growth in people launching their own businesses ranging from online courses through to coaching there is also a second wave of business evolving offering these entrepreneurs the infrastructure to do this whilst staying relatively lean. An area that has seen growth in recent years is lead generation. Whilst areas of digital marketing such as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads have continuously grown we’re now seeing traditional forms of marketing such as cold calling being done online more efficiently. One entrepreneur who has set up a business in order to help people generate leads and win business without spending hundreds of hours sending cold messages is Frank Fourie, founder of Millionaire Education Academy.

Early Beginnings 

Fourie, 24, was born in South Africa, and growing up he had a desire to be an accountant which took him on a trip to Hong Kong for work experience which was where he had his first interactions with business. This was also a period of his life when he first came across the concept of coaching and he signed up for his first coaching session. Interested in fitness at the time having built up a reasonable social media following where people would ask him for advice he decided to set up his own training programs as an online business. It was a relatively slow start but over time Fourie started to get clients. However, something he quickly realized was that his talent was in finding and winning clients, not just developing programs for them and training them. At this point, he decided to set up a business that would teach people how to get clients for their coaching business.

Scaling Up With Artificial Intelligence 

In building out his business, the first niche he naturally decided to focus on was fitness, effectively teaching fitness entrepreneurs how to set up their online offering and generate leads. At the start, much of the work was manual with Fourie teaching them and helping them generate leads for a $1k fee. He realized that a properly structured outbound strategy through platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook could yield great results and isn’t where many companies were looking. Over time as he structured his processes and included things such as videos he was able to increase his price per client as well as transfer this knowledge outside of the fitness industry into other verticals and offer a more bespoke service for larger clients who could afford it where his team would handle all of their outreach. 

Today the business employs 9 people and is very much focused on building systems utilizing technology such as artificial intelligence to automate and optimize many of the processes they have carried out and collected data on, continuously iterating so they can scale up and serve their clients efficiently. As more people become entrepreneurs and have to win their own clients, companies like Fourie’s will be an important part of the ecosystem to ensure entrepreneurs can find clients efficiently so they can focus on delivering their core skill set without having to build a large team which would be a significant expense.

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