The economy vs. the virus

I have just returned from a 4200-mile drive to check out America.  My wife and I went into the heartland – Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Sturgis (a week before the huge motorcycle rally though the crowd was already gathering), Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and ended up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We then made our way back to Shreveport. For the benefit of both of you who were not out travelling the past few weeks – waiting in lines, trying to find a hotel vacancy, etc. let me assure you – the country is on the move. I have now paid $4.35/gallon for gasoline! The pent-up demand to get out and see and do is obvious everywhere. There may be a shortage of computer chips, but there is not shortage of bales of hay. I’ll be reflecting on my “economic research” in the coming weeks. However, having returned to a mask mandate, I feel the need to touch base with my trusted sources on the big picture as it might affect your investment account.

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