“This means my life” | A Knoxville small business owner fights to stay open despite health issues

For the last few years Bill King, the owner of Sno Cream, has brought an Asian-rooted dessert to Knoxville. Now, he’s trying to stay open.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Turkey Creek is a place where Knoxvillians can find almost anything. And in one strip of stores, there is a dessert place offering a unique taste all the way from Korea. It’s called Sno Cream.

The restaurant gives people the chance to try Subling, a shaved milk dessert that uses condensed milk and is topped with everything from fruits, chocolate shavings and almost anything else! The owner, Bill King, said that is trying his best to keep up with demand and serve everyone dessert.

“I Like it because it tastes good,” said one young customer. “Because it has stuff on top and it tastes good.”

The desserts are crowd-pleasers, and Knoxville’s Korean-style ice cream shop aims to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. King said he got the idea to start a business selling his unique dessert after trying it while on vacation.

“My wife is from Thailand and we went there about 4 years ago and her sister brought us to a place where they had this,” he said. “My wife and I started thinking, ‘What can we do at home?’ And this is what we fell to.”

Customers aren’t the only ones in love with Sno Cream. To King, the restaurant is his whole world.

“We created something that everyone loves,” he said. “This means my life. I absolutely love this place.”

Despite how much he loves his work, King said it is taking a toll on his health. He is a disabled veteran who has several ailments, including injuries on his back, neck, shoulder, hands and knees.

Despite all his injuries, he said he is powering through and is doing all that he can to keep his dessert palace open. He said he usually leans on the counter to ensure he does not hurt himself while serving dessert.

As he fights to stay open, he’s weighing his options for the future. In the meantime, he wants to send a message to those who kept him afloat over the years.

“I want to thank every last person that has came into my store from the bottom of my heart,” he said. “Thank you for coming and trying us.”

If you have a way you can help King you can contact them through Facebook.

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