Unfair vaccine mandate will decimate my business – Twin Cities

The only fair way

I am vaccinated and boosted; I believe vaccines have saved millions of lives around the world.

But President Biden’s mandate that all companies with more than 100 employees must require them to be vaccinated or tested once per week is ill-advised and discriminatory.

I have worked hard for 45 years building a company that now employs 300 talented people. Unfortunately, nearly 50% of these people do not want to be vaccinated despite the fact that we have held on-site vaccinations and offer incentive payments for those who get vaccinated.

What will happen if my employees are required to get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing? Many will quit and quickly find jobs with companies that employ fewer than 100 people. There are dozens of these companies near us that are hiring.

My company will be decimated while the smaller companies will feast on my employees. This is just plain wrong.

I really don’t believe in mandates but if they are used they should apply to everyone.

That’s the only fair way.

Douglas McMillan, Hudson


Why all this borrowing when we have a surplus?

Why in the world does the State of Minnesota continue to borrow billions of dollars when we continue to have budget surpluses?

Why does the state pay $500 million in interest payments every year from unnecessary borrowing?

Why is our state debt so large ($17 billion) and why don’t we pay it down when we have surpluses?

Why is all of this such a secret?

Bob Andersen, Edina



To have a driver’s license and insurance on a vehicle you are driving as prescribed by law, to properly display license tabs as prescribed by law,  to have registration on a gun as prescribed by law, to appear in court on charges as prescribed by law, to pay a fine levied as prescribed by law, to comply with officers arresting you as prescribed by law.

Each and every citizen — not just law enforcement — has the duty to be accountable for their actions …  to respect the rules, to not just flagrantly ignore them … or we will all be condemned to live in chaotic anarchy. Is that what we really want?

Nancie Litin, St. Paul


If you’re truly interested in fairness

Minnesota State Sen. Matt Klein emailed his District 52 constituents with great news: Minnesota’s $7.7 billion surplus will not only allow the state to replenish its rainy-day fund, but will also allow state leaders to “invest in the people of Minnesota and ensure a fair recovery for all.”

The senator’s constituents face high inflation, supply-chain issues and pandemic-related uncertainty. If anyone should be given the opportunity to replenish their rainy-day funds and invest in their recovery, it’s the taxpayers, not the state. Return the surplus to the people who provided it. That is, if you’re truly interested in fairness.

Thomas L. Bonnett, Mendota Heights

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